Important Indian Economic Numbers and their Release Date

Given how much excitement there is over the possibility of a repo rate cut during RBI’s Monetary Policy announcement tomorrow I decided to take a look at some other major economic numbers that were declared recently, and found that it is really cumbersome to get a snapshot of the major economic numbers at one place.

In a bid to overcome that – I’ve prepared this table which keeps tab on some of the important economic numbers that people generally talk about and I’ll try to keep this page updated as frequently as I can.


S.No. Name Source Periodicity Last Declared Last Number Next Due Date
1. IIP MOSPI Monthly June 11 2012 -0.1% for March 2012 12 July 2012
2. Monthly data on India’s International Trade in Services RBI Monthly May 10 2012 Exports $24.5 bnImports $37.9 bn for April 2012 Unspecified but probably mid June
3. India’s Foreign Trade Ministry of Commerce Monthly April 2, 2012 Trade Deficit of $166.7 bn Unspecified but probably early May
4. WPI Inflation Data Office of the Economic Adviser Monthly May 14 2012 7.23% provisional for the month of April 2012 14 June 2012
5. GDP MOSPI Quarterly August 31 2012 5.5% Q1 2012 – 13 (Apr – Jun) 30th Nov 2012
6. Monetary Policy RBI Quarterly April 17 2012 Repo Rate 8.0% 18th June 2012
7. External Debt Ministry of Finance Quarterly March 2012 $ 334.9 bn as on end Dec 2011 Unspecified
8. FDI DIPP Monthly February 2012 $ 2,211 mn as Unspecified
9. HSBC PMI Index HSBC Monthly April 2012 54.9 1st June 2012

These numbers are in no particular order and I want to add a few more like the CPI numbers, foreign tourist arrivals, HSBC PMI index but had to stop here today because I was having a hard time tracking the original source of all these numbers.

Which other numbers do you think I’ve missed here and would like to see included?

11 thoughts on “Important Indian Economic Numbers and their Release Date”

  1. :-)… You should try to give more time to yourself for getting these things done… 😉

    A couple of updates… Trade Deficit for the first month of FY 2012-13 stands at $13.4 billion, exports at $24.5 billion and imports at $37.9 billion. March IIP stands at -3.5% vs. +4.1% in February 2012.


        1. Oops! Thanks! Fixed Shiv. For some things I look at them and say let’s try to get this done within the next 5 minutes and most often I end up spending a lot more time than if I hadn’t rushed things.

      1. My Pleasure!! 🙂

        It is very difficult to find the sources of Indian Economic Events & their exact dates / timings. Whereas the same is quite easily available for Global Economic Events through Econoday or Bloomberg. This is despite of the fact that there is an exhaustive list of these events elsewhere in the World like U.S., Europe, China, Japan, Australia & New Zealand.


        1. But hey, at least we will have tea as our national drink soon. That should solve a lot of these problems! 😉

          1. 🙂 :-)… & that too when Planning Commission deputy chairman, Montek Singh Ahluwalia, supports the idea. After all it requires a lot of planning to be done… 😉

            How does it matter if the economy is in a bad shape, our brains are required to be put at some other important places like these !!!!

            or in finding ways to charge 3-4-5 times higher Spectrum charges to an already bleeding telecom industry or asking LIC to solve the Disinvestment Crisis or to keep subsidising public unnecessarily at the cost of OMCs. This is how we work. This is not Govt., this is a charitable vehicle, funded by the God… 🙂

  2. Dear Manshu,

    Good links. Could we also add the
    – HSBC PMI index
    – Any source to get official employment data, housing data
    – Commercial vehicle sales

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