Nature of truth, Game Theory in Penalty Kicks and Mining Asteroids

First up, this fascinating profile of Marc Andreessen who developed the first graphical browser, co-founded Netscape and is currently a venture capitalist invested in some of the most important technology companies in the world.

Next, an intriguing excerpt from a conversation between Albert Einstein and Rabindranath Tagore where they discuss about the nature of Truth and whether it can exist independently from the human mind.

Moving on to sport and economics, an amazing article on the game theory of penalty kicks in football.

Now, here’s a start up focused on building more than an app, they are trying to mine asteroids for precious metals!

3-D printing does some amazing things, but mostly does some fun stuff, in another example of fun stuff, a team created a way to 3-D print any balloon shape that you wanted to.

The Psy Fi blog tells us about the 6% self inflicted trading tax.

Finally, enjoy this great Roomba ad, which went viral last week.

Have a good weekend!

3 thoughts on “Nature of truth, Game Theory in Penalty Kicks and Mining Asteroids”

  1. Great Bunch of Articles manshu !!!!

    Really you read a lot… 🙂

    i personally liked the Marc Andreessen’s interview… really that was worth reading again and again…
    Thanks for sharing all these articles with us.. keep up the great work !!!

  2. Ah !! now i know that it’s roomba. We had our House Owner demo to us one of the cleaner’s few days back. These guys in Taiwan are really early adopters of technology 🙂

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