Facebook, Grexit and Investing Wisdom

The big news today is that Facebook barely traded above its listing price and had it not been for the bankers behind the issue, the stock would have surely ended the day in discount. This probably doesn’t bode well for the future but then with the market you never know.

There were a number of articles about Facebook’s valuation the whole week and most people expressed skepticism about the valuation, however none of them come even remotely close to the excellent valuation done by professor Aswath Damadoran.

All this excitement took all the attention away from the other big thing that’s on everyone’s mind these days – Grexit.

Hemant has a good article on what you need to think about when you start your own business.

Deepak Shenoy laments the recent moves to curb freedom as evidenced in a court order to ban Vimeo and the new set of  IT Rules announced by Kapil Sibal this week.

Harvard Business Review on building your personal user interface. 

Finally, the best thing I’ve read in a long time – pearls of wisdom from Paul Kedrosky on Facebook in particular, and investing in general. 

2 thoughts on “Facebook, Grexit and Investing Wisdom”

  1. So far three investors have already sued facebook & morgan stanley for not mis-leading information regarding the IPO. Is it allowed in US. How many investors are cheated in our country by the various companies who have floated IPO’s over the year. SEBI just keeps ignoring and poor investors can’t do anything.

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