Piramal Group, Organized Retail and Cracking Knucles

Let’s start this week with an excellent article in The Economist about the Piramal group that touches upon the history of the group and where they are currently focusing.

The Financial Express has a great article on the problems that exist in Indian organised retail today. This article has some great statistics on organized retail as well.

I was relieved to learn that cracking knuckles doesn’t cause arthritis, and of course it annoys people around you so that’s an added bonus.

Smart Money has an interesting take on why sex sells better on e-books.

Martin Wolf writes about taxation, productivity and prosperity in the Financial Times.

Ajay Shah writes about the hollowing out of the Indian financial system.

Finally, can someone explain to me why they didn’t move the deer crossing sign already?

3 thoughts on “Piramal Group, Organized Retail and Cracking Knucles”

  1. Thanks Manshu and Raja for the Piramal links.

    Mr Ajay Piramal and the company is bound to do well. He has all the ingredients to make it happen again..:-)


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