How to file your taxes online using the Income Tax India website?

Vikrant commented on the Perfios post last Friday on how easy it was to register and file taxes on the Income Tax India website if you have income from only one source viz. salary, and that it took him only 10 minutes to file his own taxes this way.

I’m not familiar with this process, so I asked him if he would share his experience and he replied very promptly with the steps involved in this process.

Here are the instructions that he gave me (slightly edited).

It’s very simple, especially for people like me who have only one source of income which is salary income.

1.  Go to

2.  You need to register first, and that’s done by clicking on the Register link that’s present on the right side of the screen, and supplying your PAN.

3.  Once registered, enter your PAN number and password to login.

4.   After you login, you will find a page where you can choose to file return for this year or previous year, Let’s take an example of this year. When you point your mouse to E-Filing A.Y.2012-13 it would prompt: “Individual, HUF” as shown below.

Click on the “Individual, HUF” link.

5. The next page has a set of instructions on which form you should use for your tax filing. These are fairly detailed instructions, and you can easily make out which form you should use based on the details given there.

Here is a screenshot of the instructions.


If you look at this page, it will tell you what which ITR form you need to use. Based on the kind of income you have, you will need to use the respective form like ITR1 , ITR2 and so on.

As I said, I will use ITR 1 as example as I come under Income from Salary/Pension .

6.  Click on the Excel Utility (Version 1.0) for ITR 1 and similarly for other ITR whichever is applicable to you.



7.  Fill this form based on the information present in form 16 and validate that.

8.  Once you have filled the form (there are 4 pages you need to fill; all those which are applicable). Click on validate and then click on Generate. This will generate a XML file which would be saved automatically in the same location where you had saved the excel file that you downloaded.

9.  Once the XML is generated, all you need to do is, click on the > Select assessment year on the left hand side of the web page and select the year assessment year, which would be AY12-13 for this year.

10.Once you click on AY 12 – 13  you will find this page.



Select the option accordingly, like I have done here and click next

11.Once you click next you will find another page that looks like this.



Click on Choose file and select the XML file  that got saved when you generated the XML. And click upload.

12. You will get an email from income tax office that will have a PDF file called ITRV. Take a print out, sign on the form and send it to the address mentioned on the file by ordinary post or speed post.

It’s all done! It’s a very simple process if you have income from only one source.


Vikrant’s instructions are fairly detailed and it looks like a simple process by the looks of it. Many thanks to him for sharing these with everyone here!

Has anyone else tried this and if so what is your experience?

99 thoughts on “How to file your taxes online using the Income Tax India website?”

  1. I have prepared my returns in ITR2 in Excel and also PDF format but unable to convert the same into xml format since this facility available at IT site only for ITR1 Can some one help?

  2. Thanks for the article explaining about how to file your taxes online using the Income Tax India website. But as I found that kin of very complicated, I did my tax filing through one of the website and it was quite easy for me to navigate through it.

  3. Any idea, why form 26as tax credits are not viewable on income tax website. I have been trying since last 1 month, the website gives some technical error. Has anyone tried of late?

    1. Income tax website has moved fron TIN-NSDL to TRACES. All details after 31 st Oct 2012 are visible only through TRACES

  4. Hi
    My employer not given form 16 as my salary is less than 3 lacks then how to file IT returns.
    Actually I want to take loan but bank asking form 16.
    Plz provide information.

    1. If TDS has been deducted from your Salary – your employer is liable to give you Form 16.

      You can even file your Income Tax Return without Form 16 by referring to Form 26AS which you can download online from your bank website and from the income tax website

  5. Hi,
    i checked the same by call the customer care for IT department and they are saying that date was extended to file the return however to send the document, you have to send it with 120 days.

    1. The Call Centre executives may not be updated with the latest news… This notification came a few days back only… take a print-out of the ITR-V and send it to the Income Tax Dept and you’ll return will get processed and you would also receive a mail for the same 🙂

      1. Thanks alot for all your help. The last thing i want to know is, filing a return important to get loan coz my salary is below 5 lac. technically i dont need to return file as i dont have much of investment.

        1. Although Banks sometimes sanction loans based on Form 16 itself without relying on the Income Tax Return, it is always better and advisable to file your Income Tax Return…

    1. Hi Manu

      Latest Update: You would be delighted to note that the Income Tax Deptt has extended the last date of sending ITR-V and you can now send the ITR-V till 28 Feb 2013. So now you can send your ITR-V to the Income Tax Deptt and your Income Tax Return would be considered valid

      This extension is only for this year and for all other years it would be 120 days from the date of filing of income tax return

  6. Hi,
    is there a charge to file return again and can i do that at any time or do i need to wait for next year.
    i got to know that to get loan filing return is not required now, if the salary is below 5 lac. Is that right?

    1. If you are a salaried employee and your salary is less than Rs. 5,00,000 and Interest Income is less than Rs. 10,000, it is not mandatory for you to file your income tax return

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