Weekend Links July 20 2012

First let’s start with a great story that Hemant shared about his experience with Club Mahindra and the lesson learned from it. The comment section on this post is quite amazing too and I’m sure many people will find similar examples of their own too.

I was really shocked to see that MCX has sued Ajay Shah who is perhaps the only noteworthy Indian economist blogger. These type of stories make me feel that blogging in India is just not worth the trouble it is.

Mani gets inspired by Satyamev Jayate and writes about rewiring with retirement planning.

Microsoft posts a rare loss writing off goodwill on a previous purchase.

RP Seawright writes about investor’s 10 most common behavioral biases.

WSJ writes about how financial advisers are helping out their customers by doing things that you wouldn’t normally associate with planners like negotiating car sales.

Finally, see why the end of the Great Wall of China is called Laolongtou Great Wall, or “The Old Dragon’s Head.

Enjoy your weekend!

One thought on “Weekend Links July 20 2012”

  1. The article about Ajay Shah being sued is really shocking. I feel we should put up a public petition and send to the courts in support of Ajay Shah.

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