India at 2012 Olympics

India at Olympics 2012

The London Olympics are going to start shortly and I spent a little time today reading about them in general and India in particular.

There were many things that I didn’t know about the Games and I was surprised by several things that I came across. That is always an indication that it will make for an interesting post so I gathered some of the more interesting things that I came across and created this simple graphic to share here.

I hope this is a nice break from the regular finance topics and rest assured that more normal programming will resume shortly. That said, here is a look at India at the 2012 Olympics.

India at Olympics 2012

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  1. As rightly said by few people above Sushil Kumar’s achievement is commendable though he missed the Gold medal. Probably a few people missed his name because it was assumed that he may not come to the top 3 level. He emerged at the top surprisingly.

  2. If Olympics hosted in India there are many people to do a scam of little bit Rs15k – Rs20k crores which happened like in CWG. If suppose price money announced as like IPL cricket people will show much interest and coachers will train with spirit as its lagging and Government donot show much interest people kept away olympics. But also real athleters are in India but many of them dont get opportunity to perform.

  3. Silver for Sushil Kumar in wrestling… misses gold !!! India finally settles with 6 medals – 2 Silver medals and 4 Bronze medals, an improvement over the previous records but still way short of what it should be. Keep it up guys and gear up for the next olympics! We need to catch up with China & USA…

    1. 6 medals is really good I feel so glad about the results! Congratulations to all winners and all Olympians, must be quite a special feeling to represent India in the Olympics.

  4. Another medal for India… bronze this time… Saina wins the match for the third place against World No. 2 Xin Wang. In fact, Saina lost the first set 18-21 but Xin Wang pulled out of the match as she suffered an injury when the score was 18-20. She tried to play the game and won a point to win the first set but could not manage to carry on for long. Not a convincing victory for Saina but it gave India its 3rd medal in Olympics… 🙂

  5. Hip hip hurrrray !!!!! Silver medal for India in 25m Rapid Pistol final… Vijay Kumar has done it for India… yes yes yes… Cheeeeeeerrrrsss !!!!!!

    Very well done Vijay Kumar… we are proud of you !!!!!!

  6. India missed another bronze just by a whisker !!!! Joydeep Karmakar finishes 4th in 50m Prone Rifle final scoring 699.1 points, 1.9 points short of 701 points scored by 50-year old bronze winner.

    I was watching it Live… Oh Ghosh !! it was very close. It was an excellent performance by Joydeep…. I must say really commendable!!!

  7. Last heard was the uniform kit provided to the athletes were of inferior quality….
    This could hamper their performance…

    Agree with Rakesh on Jamaican athletes, couple of years ago i said Yohan blake is the next big thing but no one believed. I have seen both of them train and have been following them for quite sometime. Given the form, Blake looks favorite but i would still go with Bolt, he is a true entertainer and on the way to become a legend.

      1. 100m preliminaries begins from next Saturday with finals on Sunday. But since its a big event it will be past midnight here.

  8. Cut down on the official, what about the minister who would be traveling on taxpayers money…
    Suresh Kalmadi is just waiting to go…. India will definitely better its performance from Beijing.

    But keep you eyes on Jamaican athletics, they are going to have a ball…

    Just one of the million Boltamaniac

  9. Nice post Manshu…..and a good break from the finance world! I would add Deepika Kumari…….she’s just 18 and already is World #1 ranked archer. And Gagan Narang is probably the unluckiest Indian sportsman. This guy is hugely talented and somehow seems to lose at the Olympics. He has also beaten Bindra more often than not. Since both of them compete in the same event, let’s hope for 2 medals there!

    1. You were spot on! Hopefully not the only medal. Saina is just tearing down opponents, really looking for a gold here!
      Tennis really want Lea to win Mixed doubles, the guy really deserves better.Vardhan was not bad but still feel Lea-Bopanna or Lea-Hesh could have won a medal

  10. Very nice post Manshu.

    I am was just wondering don’t we have a substitute or an extra person for all these games. As for badminton, we would have Saina for singles, Jwala- Ashwini for doubles, jwala-Diju for mixed doubles. So total 4 entries and what if anyone gets injured.
    This was a little surpirise for me. I know it will cost more, but that will be better than sending non athletes to these events.

    1. Athletes have to qualify for the events and it is not up to the country to decide substitutes if they haven’t qualified. When more than one person qualifies (like in shooting) then they compete at the same time.

  11. I cant see the point of sending so many athletics sportsmen when we have no credible performance in any international event in these events.
    Tennis we are already paying for an extra pair due to immature sportsmen.
    I would include Leander Paes for Tennis and Deepika Kumari for Archery as Bets too.Paes is one guy who will push to the limits to at least prove a point and he always plays like a Super hero while playing for India.
    Surprised no mention of Vijender Singh and Sushil Kumar!

    1. I would rather say cut down on the number of officials. they just have a merry foreign tour at the tax payer’s expense….I agree tht most of our players are not as good as others, but then its our sports ministry not giving them the basic facilities….At least by competing at the OLYMPICS these fringe players get to rub shoulders with the maestros in the sport…& this can change a sport person’s life….
      History shows : so many great sportpersons have had a humble background-
      Eknath Solkar – undoubtedly the world’s greatest close in fielder ( he has won accolades worldwide) was the son of a groundsman at Shivaji Park….

      Boris Becker was a ball boy himself….

      So lets support our sportsmen…they are the unsung heroes in a country like ours where cricket is a religion ( i am a huge cricket fan myself)…

  12. Nice post!

    BTW: Which TV channel will be showing a live telecast of the Olympics? I think it was DD Sports during Beijing 2008.

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