Don’t anonymously criticize the power couple who is reinventing the toilet

Let’s start this week with a post at AVC that was written almost a year ago about Sustainability. This is a great post and there’s nothing I can add to it except perhaps saying that I’ve felt that many times you do things only because that’s the way it is done or was taught in school, even when it doesn’t make any sense to you.

Recently, I read an article where they were talking about an analyst who adjusted Facebook’s earnings estimate for 2022! Who really believes that you can even remotely predict how FB’s revenues will look like 10 years from now and yet that’s how it’s taught in school so that’s how people continue to do it and model for price.

HBR has a very interesting article on how distribution plays a huge role in the success of any product in India.

Seth Godin writes about how you won’t benefit from anonymous criticism. I think that even well meaning people leave rude and nasty comments when they can hide behind anonymity, and if you are someone who exposes yourself to this kind of criticism because of what you do – you have to learn to let it go and not engage with such people.

I’ve started doing that more and more while responding to comments over the years, and felt that I’m vastly better off because of it. It’s much better for my peace of mind and doesn’t hurt what I’m doing in anyway if I don’t engage with such people.

Another good article from HBR on reinventing the toilet.

Ranjan writes about a topic that I’ve never contemplated on, and I found his post on insuring yourself before you go out for education abroad a good introduction to the topic.

I was fascinated to read about the latest power couple in town.

Finally, I loved this message, and it’s going on my wall shortly.

Enjoy your weekend!

4 thoughts on “Don’t anonymously criticize the power couple who is reinventing the toilet”

  1. I have a question regarding home loans.

    I have been suggested by one bank that I cannot take more than two home loans irrespective of whether the two loans are closed or open. The bank said that any individual cannot take more than two home loans ever as they are subsidized by the government. This two home loans is a surprise to me. I have paid both my home loans so ideally I am entitled to a third one or even a fourth one as long as my financials are in order to repay the loan.

    Would you please let me know if this indeed is the case.
    I thought the home loans are a banks way to earn money on their money. Never heard of subsidy for giving home loans. Would you please throw some light on this.

  2. On taking insurance before going abroad :

    It is a huge scam. People should not get fooled.

    If the students get funded by the universities, they need not worry about insurance!. University will take care of it.

    It is always better for students to go to their respective universities and get the insurance approved by them.

    “…In certain countries like the US, it is mandatory for students to have an insurance policy.”

    — US univs require health insurance. Lot of good US universities and hospitals DO NOT recognize indian insurance policies.

    I am appalled to see such misinformation from your blog.

    1. I feel terrible about this – my apologies.

      It didn’t occur to me that this is inaccurate but I will research this some more myself and find out more details.

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