Mutual Fund Capital Gains Statement and Consolidated Account Statement Online

This post is written by Shiv Kukreja, who is a Certified Financial Planner and runs a financial planning firm, Ojas Capital in Delhi/NCR. He can be reached at

Not many mutual fund investors know that they don’t require services of their distributors or any other agent/advisor to check the status of their investments or realised/unrealised profit/loss they have made in mutual funds. Surprisingly, even many of the distributors don’t know that it is very easy to get various kinds of consolidated mutual fund statements online and that too in a very short span of time.

Actually writing about it struck me when I was surfing Suggest a Topic here and also while I was filing I-T returns for my clients during the last fortnight of July. I used this tool for a few clients of mine while calculating their “Capital Gains” and “Exempt Income”.

Are you surprised, curious and happy at the same time that such a service exists? Just read on how to go about getting these statements in your mailbox. I’m sure you would like to use this service as soon as you finish reading this article.

All what is required to get the necessary information related to your mutual fund investment is that your email id(s) must have been registered with the mutual fund company with whom you’ve made the investment and the same email id should still be active or you can make it active if required.

Here is the process to follow on CAMS Online:

  • Visit CAMS Online website –
  • Click on “Online Services for Investors”
  • Click on Check it Out! under Mailback Services
  • Here you have the option to choose the statement(s) you require for your purposes
  • For Capital Gain purposes – Click on “Consolidated Realised Gains Statement”. It is also called Investment Performance Statement. It calculates realised gains/losses on FIFO a basis and segregates them as long term and short term. The statement also contains a summary of the dividends paid out in respect of the account
  • To check your entire holdings across CAMS, Karvy and Franklin serviced mutual funds – Click on “Consolidated Account Statement – CAMS+Karvy+FTAMIL”
  • For other purposes, click on the other respective tabs available there
  • Once you select the statement you require, you need to provide your email id(s) which you or your distributor/advisor/agent must have filled when you did your investment(s). If you want to have all your investments across different email ids, you need to repeat this process
  • Select the Delivery Option – a download link or an encrypted attachment
  • Enter a password of your choice twice just to protect the statement from misuse

CAMS Online accepts only 2 such requests per day and 10 requests per month per registered email id as a precautionary measure in order to prevent spamming. This is an email-only service i.e. if your email address is not registered with the mutual fund company, then you’ll not be able to have your statement online through this process, not even with your PAN or Folio No. In that case, you’ll have to contact the mutual fund company and they’ll send it to your address registered with them or the address registered with CVL while undergoing KYC process.

Here is the process to follow on Karvy Mutual Fund Services (Karvy MFS):

  • Visit Karvy MFS website –
  • Click on “Investor Services”
  • Under Mailback Services, you have the options to check your portfolio by email id or PAN, get your Account Statement by email id or folio no. and Capital Gains Report by folio no.
  • Click on the tab as per your requirement and feed the necessary input to get your statement(s)
    • “Portfolio By Email ID” – This tool mails your latest Portfolio Valuation
    • “Portfolio By PAN” – This tool mails your latest Portfolio Valuation
    • “Account Statement By Email ID” – This tool mails your latest Account Statement
    • “Account Statement By Folio” – This tool mails your latest Account Statement
    • “Capital Gains By Folio” – This tool mails your Capital Gain Report
  • To check your entire holdings across CAMS, Karvy and Franklin serviced mutual funds – Click on “Consolidated Account Statement – CAMS+Karvy+FTAMIL” under Online Services

With Karvy, you need to have the Folio No. of your mutual fund investment to get the Capital Gain Report. If you don’t have the folio number. readily available with you, then you can first get the account statement in your mailbox and then get this report by taking folio number from the account statement.

I hope this article helped you in getting to know about the whole process of getting these statements in your mailboxes. If you have any query or feel that I’ve missed something here please leave a comment and I’ll definitely respond to it.

23 thoughts on “Mutual Fund Capital Gains Statement and Consolidated Account Statement Online”

  1. Need captains gains statement of all my my invested in the year 2015/2016 (01/04/2015. To 31/03/2016) vide my PAN NO AKDPG1791K

    Thanks & Regards
    Manju gupta

  2. One more suggestion from my end. Try and prepare a list of your mutual fund investments. List down the various folios. Check to see if you have your phone number, email id, correct bank account number, PAN number, KYC status and nominee registered for each of these funds. If not, visit your nearest CAMS/Kary Office or the mutual fund office and get it rectified. It will save you a lot of hassle down the line.

    You can download forms from the websites and post them as well.

    Another suggestion would be to consolidate the various folio numbers you have under a MF company under one folio. (To do this a few of the things mentioned above should match).

    Once this is done, you can have all your future investments under this one folio and if you get online access form the respective mutual fund company for this folio, it give you the benifit of keeping track of your investments, provides you facility to investing online, set up SIP’s etc.

    And like Gaurav mentioned, do make good use of I request for a consolidated statement from CAMS at the end of every month and spend 15 mins in updating the details at valueresearch.

    1. Thanks Porbu for your suggestions! Many a times I’ve observed that visiting AMCs offices with no or partial information or without carrying any of your necessary documents creates a lot of trouble for the investors. So, it is necessary for the investors to contact the customer care centers before visiting AMC offices.

  3. I actually receive a monthly consolidated statement for all the MF’s I have automatically by post. Very soon I think it will start coming via email as well.
    I dont remember but I think it comes from AMFI.

    I also would suggest to ppl to create and track their portfolio’s on, one of the best resources for studying and tracking MF’s

  4. Hi

    I’ve already registered my E Mail id with all AMCs. But even then while taking consolidated statement from camsonline , some of the MF schemes are missed out. In one statement some schemes are appearing, whereas if you take the statement after 15 days, the same MF schemes are not showing in the statement. Don’t know what is the reason

    I’ve not tried with Karvy. Will check and revert.

  5. This is very useful post.Thanks !
    I was looking for this consolidated statement for some time and was not able to find from where I could get it.
    Thanks again.

  6. Hi
    Oddly despite an email address it didnt work for me.
    Need a post from you on where does one invest nowadays.Its bleeding in the market for more than a year and MF returns are pathetic if not negative.What does one do in this situation?


    1. Hi harinee… You should check with the mutual fund company whether your email id is correctly captured with them.

      If our so called Elected Leaders start thinking for this country and do their work with complete responsibility, then equity remains the best asset class to invest at this point of time. Even if they dont work, I think it is one of the good times to invest in equities and long-term bonds. One should pray to the God that we dont have inefficient politicians like Mamata Banerjee, Pranab Mukherjee etc. or keep investing regularly in MF SIPs, PPF etc. This is just my view.

  7. Very useful post.
    I had chanced upon it some time back and found it useful and detailed than I just wished I had filled in email id in my earlier MF investments.

    1. Thanks bemoneyaware! There are several things which we get to know after our investments get done, especially while taking a life cover. I think you should get your email registered in your existing MF investments. At least it is not as difficult and painful as surrendering your insurance policies. I’m writing a post on it. 🙂

  8. Hi ShivKukreja,

    I tried Karvy MFS and received the consolidated account statement.

    Thank you very much for the article.

    Siva Mohan

  9. I am looking for Sundaram Mutual Funds and there is no way to get the fund info. Do you have idea about funds coming under this Sundaram MF?

      1. What I learned is, Sundaram is not part of either Karvy or cams, but they handle their MFs of their own. Till 2011, cams was handling Sundaram it seems.

        1. Yes, you are right. I’ve checked it with Sundaram MF, they are handling this on their own. You need to either contact them at their customer care centers or get yourself registered to receive online statements.

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