Of retirements, passwords and 3D printing labs

Let’s start this week with a very different type of retirement article which was published in the WSJ last week. This is an article about a couple who have sold their house and most other possessions in California, and no longer have a permanent home. They live in different countries for short periods of time, and I think it is a fascinating way to spend your retirement years.

Next, Wired has this great article about how everything you’ve been told about passwords is wrong, and I’ve come across this concept a few months ago and have partially adopted this way of keeping memorizing passwords myself.

Ajay Shah has a very interesting post on how the young are getting away from agriculture and what it could mean for the economy.

Kiran has yet another post on special situations investing, and more than the situation itself, I’m linking to it to highlight the thought process that is involved in analyzing such a situation.

It is perhaps not surprising that the US army has 3D printing labs that are setup in remote locations and can rapidly equip bases with parts and gear.

The Financial Literates has an excellent infographic on the cost of higher education.

Finally, don’t forget to avail your Eid and Diwali discounts when you pay a bribe this festive season.

Enjoy your weekend!

2 thoughts on “Of retirements, passwords and 3D printing labs”

    1. Even I was quite amazed by what they are doing and I would love to do something like this too. I think the power of the $ and the fact that Americans and people from a lot of other developed countries don’t need a visa in many countries makes it more tenable for them to hop across countries, but that’s not the case for us.

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