Weekend Links for the last day of November

Let’s start this week with a pressing issue of our time viz. Section 66A of the IT Act that’s being used to detain people for posts on Facebook or Twitter, and the language of the act really lends itself it these type of actions.

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a PIL seeking scrapping of 66A, and I’ll be watching this with keen interest as it is a really important cause in my mind.

This week was a good one for Indian investors as a Goldman Sachs upgrade of Indian equities helped fuel a small market rally.

Investment Yogi compares the RGESS with ELSS.

MediManage reviews HDFC Ergo Super Top Up Health Insurance.

A fascinating piece about growing food in the desert.

Some great lessons from a successful start-up founder.

Finally, Chris Anderson has some great productivity tips.

Enjoy your weekend!

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