Higgs Boson 3D printed blood vessels to avoid busy trap

by Manshu on July 7, 2012

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How can you start this week with anything other than the Higgs Boson? For most of us – this is the kind of news which is important because people smarter than us are telling us it is, and like it or not, some things are just like that. Here is a Reuters article about the god particle.

An interesting story from Businessweek about Indian companies’ push into the retail sector and two things about the story stand out in my mind.

First one is that big Indian business houses are investing heavily and rapidly in this segment and so far that hasn’t affected the kirana stores that everyone is so worried will die due to FDI in multi brand retail.

Secondly, even though they are investing heavily, this is not a very profitable business for them right now, and that also shows that foreign companies won’t come in and start making money from day one and drive everyone else out of business.

Financial Express had another interesting story about retail where they wrote about a new concept of connecting farmers to the urban market pioneered by Mr. Harsha Moily, who is the son of Corporate Affairs Minister, Mr. V. Moily.

I’ve written about 3D printing several times, and I’m really fascinated with it because there is no doubt in my mind that this is going to make a huge difference to how we live a few years from now. Here is an article on 3D printed blood vessel network.

Brad Feld has a fascinating take on what it means to be busy and he talks about his own work schedule and how we create a busy trap to avoid our fear of death.

Fast Company has an interesting article on Google Glass, which makes them sound quite useable (at least to me).

Finally, Indexed has a brilliant take on things you run from and things you run to.

Enjoy your weekend!

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