Of Resolutions, ULIPs, IPOs and Stopwatches.

Let’s start this year with a thought on resolutions, good post on HBR titled Dream Instead of Making Resolutions which talks about an interesting idea of looking beyond your resolutions and into your inner dreams to look at what you should change in your life this new year.

The new year also started with LIC launching two new products – LIC Flex Plus ULIP which as Manikaran tells us may not be all that flexible after all, and LIC Jeevan Nidhi that Ranjan takes a look at.

On the similar topic, Srikanth Meenakshi who is the founder of Funds India writes about why ULIPs are a bad choice against mutual funds.

I’m not sure how serious they are about this, and I can’t see how they can implement it but ET reports that SEBI is thinking about an idea where promoters will have to repay investors if IPOs go down below a certain price within a few months of their listing.   

Chirag writes about the top 10 performing IPOs of 2012.

Finally, do humans have a stopwatch built inside their head?

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2 thoughts on “Of Resolutions, ULIPs, IPOs and Stopwatches.”

  1. Repaying investors seems to a tall call. They cant even get Sahara to pay whats legitimate to investors.IPOs investors are fully aware of the risk of a IPO crashing after listing hence should be ready for same.
    What will they do when the scale is like Reliance Power?

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