Leopard seal fakes enthusiasm to get a job at SEZ

Twitter was abuzz with Narendra Modi’s speech this week, and although this Business Standard article doesn’t add anything new to  what’s been written elsewhere, this is a big event keeping in mind that next year will be an election year.

Here’s something that everyone probably knows at the back of their minds but no one really talks about openly that much: Why faking enthusiasm is the latest job requirement. 

Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge has an interesting article about being more productive. These are not productivity tips but rather look at productivity from another angle in terms of how you structure your work, manage your relationship with your boss etc.

IRDA caps insurance company’s exposure to equity at 15%. The Finance Ministry wanted this to be 30% for LIC so it is interesting that IRDA maintained a lower cap and didn’t make an exception for LIC. I think this is a great move with all the upcoming PSU IPOs, OFSs etc.

A rare positive story on India’s SEZs. I didn’t know that Foxconn was manufacturing in India, and this is a good post that boosts your confidence about the potential success of manufacturing in India.

An amazing video of one National Geographic photographer’s encounter with a leopard seal.

Finally, if all your friends decide to jump off a bridge, you should too.

Enjoy your weekend!



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