Weekend Links June 7 2013

I had minor surgery last week, and I haven’t been reading much, or generally spending a lot of time in front of the computer since then.

That has been the reason for no posts lately, but now I have recovered to a point where I am able to write a little bit and I thought the links post will be a good way to start off blogging.

Let’s start with the stock market first, Bespoke has compiled the returns of 77 markets since the beginning of this year and it is interesting to see how wide the range is, and I was also intrigued by the countries at the top as I had no idea these countries were doing so well and they certainly haven’t been in the news that  much.

The Washington Post has a detailed article on how the US government is collecting information about its citizen’s phone calls. I’m sure not everything being reported is accurate but the scope of this is truly mind boggling.

Pakistan has a new prime minister and there are several challenges in front of him that need to be quickly addressed.

From the earlier I article I learned that Pakistan and China have plans to have a speed rail network connecting the two countries through PoK. I had no idea about this, and this Wiki link gives some basic information about it.

Amazon is going to expand its footprint in India. I’m a big fan of Amazon and have no doubt in mind that they will be a boon for the Indian customer.

From the animal kingdom – the sex life of birds. 

Finally, are you following these 9 must follow Al-Qaeda leaders on Twitter?

Enjoy your weekend!

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