How to fill Excel ITR 1 Form?

There is a lot of interest in learning about filing taxes online, and very little good information available online. Bemoneyaware has done a couple of posts dealing with this subject and I think it is a good reference for anyone who needs to do this.

Here are the links to the two posts:

Fill Excel ITR form : Personal Information,Filing Status 

Fill Excel ITR1 Form : Income, TDS, Advance Tax


2 thoughts on “How to fill Excel ITR 1 Form?”

  1. Hi, Manshu.

    I like your various blogs. Keep it up such a good work.

    Now, can you please post a blog regarding how to file ITR-2? It’s more complecated than ITR-1 & certainly will help many users.


  2. From this year, this has simplified further. You don’t need to download or upload xls. You can fill everything online in their website directly. For this you first need to login with your PAN and password. Then you will get link for “Quick online e-file”.

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