Resumption of Email Delivery

Long time readers will remember that there was a lot of problem with OneMint going down a few months ago. I had upgraded to a much better server and the problems had stopped. However, the problem resurfaced, and I got completely exasperated. I’ve changed hosts now, and moved to Synthesis Webhosting. So far it is a lot cheaper, and the site is faster as well, but fingers crossed!

In moving the site something happened and email delivery stopped. It was only last Sunday when Bemoneyaware helpfully told me to validate the feed that I found the error. Fixing that was how the email delivery got restored and a big thank you to Bemoneyaware for their help.

The large majority of people don’t realize that I was still writing while the email feed stopped working, so I’m using this post to announce that the email delivery is working along with links to the posts that never went out as emails.

Which countries does India import its oil from?

Why NRIs shouldn’t rejoice the Rupee fall?

Short term measures to stop Rupee slide won’t work

How to fill Excel ITR Form?

2 thoughts on “Resumption of Email Delivery”

  1. I thought was doing a good job because once you recommended (or at least mentioned) hostgator as hosting service. After this post it seems they are not doing so well.

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