Weekend Links August 23 2013

It is amazing to think that children could write to Einstein and receive a thoughtful response. I really loved this letter about whether scientists pray or not. 

This was a painful editorial to read, but how very true, if there was one project that showed why you shouldn’t invest in India, it was this.

Livemint has an excellent piece on Dr. Ambedkar, the economist and his views on the Rupee.

Thoughts from various industry leaders on the current state of the Indian economy.

Nokia tells the Indian government how it is the least favorable place to invest.

I was amazed to learn that honey preserved over 10,000 years ago survived intact.  

Very funny, and quite true.

Enjoy your weekend!

One thought on “Weekend Links August 23 2013”

  1. Completely one-sided articles both Nokia and Vedanta. I really dont mind companies like Vedanta not doing business in India. Also the environmental concern in Orissa’s case were genuine. We are always so ready to give up tribals and environment in lieu of so-called investments. Having good mineral and oil resources and exploiting them is not a way to grow. In fact can be a deterrent like Nigeria.Nothing can replace good governance. It is only when their diamond mines ran out did some African countries like Botswana prosper. Same holds for oil.

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