Weekend links – 10/4/2013

Let’s start this week with a great article in the Economist about America’s shutdown, and how that’s no way to run a country. Washington Post on how Australia once had a shutdown similar to the US, and the surprising consequences of that.

Abheek Barua has a highly instructive, if somewhat technical op-ed on India’s monetary policy, and what Dr. Rajan has been doing and needs to watch out for.

John Elliott has an excellent blog post on Rahul Gandhi’s outburst, Laloo’s jailing and what opportunities this could potentially open up for Rahul Gandhi, and what he needs to do to build on this.

The Aam Aadmi Party doesn’t quite have the momentum it once had, but good people are working on the ground to achieve results in the Delhi assembly elections, and I hope something good comes out of it. BS on how AAP breaks the hitherto set election mold.

Maharashtra is planning to start another city 80 kms from Mumbai, and I know it can be easy to discouraged about any new project like this but if and when this were to come into fruition, it will be a great thing.

Finally, the question that has been on your mind all week long, why do these lizards have green blood? 

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