Mathematically literate AAP doesn’t get weaker with age

I have gotten a few emails about people missing the weekend links, and I do apologize for being a little lazy lately. I wasn’t reading as much as I usually do and as a result there weren’t enough good links to share.

This week however, I think I have seven good links that you will enjoy, and what better place to start than Delhi election results. I was pleasantly surprised to see the results and although the future is uncertain – I think it is amazing that a party can rise so quickly, and no matter what happens in the days ahead – this will bring positive change to Delhi, and to India as well. Jamal Mecklai touches upon this and talks about a New India in Business Standard.

On the same topic, I enjoyed reading Mr. Narayana Murthy’s recent interview with ET where he shares his thoughts about the election results.

Next year’s elections will be very important for India’s fate and although no one can predict what will happen, I think you will see a huge turnout of voters, as people are fed up of the current situation. The Economist asks if Modi would save or wreck India?

On to something closer to this blog – the NYT on beating the market being an achievable goal.

A bit surprising, but perhaps not that much, some animals don’t get weaker with age.  

I found this blog early morning today, and it is quite hilarious: Headlines from the Mathematically Literate World.

Finally, Banksy’s message on advertising is quite amazing.


Enjoy your weekend!

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