Weekend links Aug 16 2013

by Manshu on August 17, 2013

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Let’s start with a great article that Mike Bloomberg wrote about being a successful entrepreneur. I believe the article is great not just for entrepreneurs but for anyone who wants to have a successful career.

Next up, a good article on Forbes about how Indians are becoming increasingly intolerant.

Business Standard had an excellent editorial on the panic that RBI is creating. The market tanked badly just after the most recent steps were announced by RBI, and that shows how real these fears are.

This is an article about an amazing letter that Warren Buffett wrote in 1975 correctly predicting the pension woes that companies will have decades from when he wrote it. It never ceases to amaze me how prescient he is and how he simplifies even the most difficult things.

A great history of the Indian Rupee in the Indian Express.

A good article discussing a political agenda that could actually be of great help to the ailing Indian economy.

Have you heard about olinguito yet?

Finally, a word about the market carnage that took place today. Very often, the reaction to this kind of action is what do we do now? And more often than not the answer is – don’t do anything. I bought stocks last week, and will continue to buy them if the market slides, selling in panic is the worst thing to do, and if you haven’t invested in penny stocks or shady companies, then you don’t need to act in a knee jerk manner because of today’s fall.

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