Weekend Links Sep 6 2013

by Manshu on September 7, 2013

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Let’s start with a great post that Deepak Shenoy wrote titled 6 myths about the Food Security Bill. This is a very well written post that is easy to comprehend and I agree with all that he says here and hope that people don’t have the misconceptions he talks about.

Next, JagoInvestor talks about a good concept that they have named ‘Threshold Limit‘ and I think this idea is well worth your consideration.

Hemant has a great post about how much a financial planner should charge. 

I was quite moved to see this slideshow titled “Documenting Elephants’ Compassion, and Their Slaughter” in the NYT.

Good advice about succeeding in the business world.

This is an interesting concept and I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I overheard someone talking about it but otherwise I don’t think I would have ever heard of such a thing. An elderly lady was talking about the beauty and grace of graves and was saying how peaceful they can be. I had never thought of it like that, but I’d like to hear if someone else had. Here are Top 10 Fascinating Graves in Père Lachaise.

Finally, Economist on Atheism in India. 

Enjoy your weekend!

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