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by Manshu on February 16, 2013

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Let’s start this week with Jason Zweig’s A ‘Bucket List’ for Better Diversification which is an article on diversification from an American perspective and while the zero percent interest rate scenario doesn’t prevail in India, after inflation the returns on fixed income is pretty much negative and the stock market hasn’t done too well in the last five years or so either so I think Indian investors will find this article useful as well.

I have no words to describe how amazed how I was to read that George Soros is said to have made a billion dollars since September of last year betting against the Yen.

A very very good article from Zen Habits on four habits that help form habits.

Today, an asteroid which is about 45 meters in diameter will swish past within 27,000 kms of Earth which is the closest any asteroid has come in recorded history.

Bill Gates does a great Reddit AMA, which is an interview where anyone with an internet connection can ask questions of Bill Gates. It was great.
Finally, the animal kingdom routinely surprises me with weird behaviors but I don’t think I’ve read anything weirder than this: Sea Slug Discards Its Penis After Sex and Grows Another
Enjoy your weekend!

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