Overcharged top predator chased by bunny after sleeping too much

The most amazing thing I read this week was this new insight on the question of why we sleep. This might be the breakthrough that scientists are looking for to understand why we sleep, and why it is so important for us.

Another interesting piece about sleep: How many hours people of different age group need?

Every now and then you hear about people advising you to let your battery drain, and extend its life, some quick Googling reveals that this isn’t the case with lithium ion batteries which are common laptop batteries, so here’s a piece asking if your laptop battery really overcharges? 

What China has done in to improve their transportation situation is really impressive.

Fascinating piece on how top predators shape their whole environment. 

A short piece on the Pakistani teenage hero who gave up his life to save others. 

Finally, you have to see this to believe it – a bunny chases a snake into a tree! 

Enjoy your weekend!

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