Weekend Links: May 3 2014

I was sad to read Manish Chauhan post the experience of a retail investor defrauded by his insurance agent because this is fairly typical behavior and there are a lot of examples like this in the Indian markets. In general it is a good idea to post a comment on any one of the several good financial blogs inquiring about a financial product before you buy it, and chances are you would be saved a lot of hardship later on.

Monika Halan writes about how the average retail investor can’t buy financial products without advice. I would just add that the advice doesn’t need to be paid advice, you can take advantage of forums and comments on any blog before jumping into a decision.

Sandipan Deb on why Narendra Modi won’t build the ram mandir. 

Australia increases the retirement age to 70.

Nilanjana Roy on India’s cruel election season.

Interesting article on the challenges that  Twitter faces.

Finally, I was shocked to learn that the deadliest creature on earth is the mosquito! Check out this very interesting infographic that Bill Gates posted.

2 thoughts on “Weekend Links: May 3 2014”

  1. your weekend links are great…if you can write this kind of update on stock market then i think it will be great… i am also planning for that…

    1. Not sure what exactly you mean by that – do you mean a few links related to the stock market every week? Because I don’t think enough is written on a weekly basis that will be fun to read for people every week.

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