Weekend links: May 9 2014

One of the most interesting (or scary?) stories I read this week was about research that showed that infusing young blood in old mice reversed the ageing process. There is a protein called Creb that reverses the ageing process in mice, and a separate study showed that infusion of a single blood protein called GDF-11 also reverses the ageing process in mice. Interestingly enough, this protein is also present in the bloodstream of humans, and I won’t be surprised if we are able to reverse ageing at least to some extent in the next decade or so.

I found George Sauders’s advice to graduates quite touching. 

The Alibaba IPO was all the rage this week, and the story of its founder is quite fascinating.

I was amazed to learn that a Japanese businessman will make $58 billion on the Alibaba IPO.

An interesting and somewhat sad story about how Sarvana Bhavan’s founder may have gotten away with murder.  

How China is using monkeys to protect their airbases.

Finally, a look at the crisis Thailand faces. 

Enjoy your weekend!

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