Weekend links May 17 2014

How can you start with anything other than the big news this week, and like most of you, I have gone through several stories about the election, and for this post I finally settled on selecting three links that I thought were insightful and covered a broad array of subjects related to the Modi win.

First, Dr. Bibek Debroy’s post about what Narendra Modi’s massive victory means to us. It is balanced and insightful, and I hope it will add to what you have already read about this subject.

John Elliott touches writes about a few important subjects related to the new administration like foreign policy, cabinet ministers and of course the usual caveat about the possible downsides of a Modi led government.

The ET tells us how the new government can transform the economy in six months.

On to some other topics now.

Fascinating story about toilet malls in Nairobi. 

8 things you didn’t know you could do with Google Drive. 

A useful list of 30 incorrectly used words.

Finally, I really enjoyed browsing through this article of 13 places to visit in India.

Enjoy your weekend!

3 thoughts on “Weekend links May 17 2014”

  1. Hi Manshu, I like your weekend links thing. I too spend a lot of time reading great stuff on the internet. But more often than not, I get some nice interesting links from your posts here. Here is a return gift, that I thought you may like. (I traced the original source of that Alvarez Quote … Turned out to be a NYT article from 1983! ). Great insights and lessons there beyond rock climbing! http://www.nytimes.com/1983/11/13/magazine/about-men-a-test-of-will.html

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