Weekend Links May 30th 2014

Let’s start this week with a touching story about a beluga whale who mimicked human language, and possibly tried to communicate with humans. This story reminded of the documentary “Blackfish” which is a very touching story about a killer whale in captivity, and if you get a chance to watch it, I highly recommend that you do.

An interesting op-ed in The Hindu about the declining power of the Pakistan Army. 

India’s CAD (Current Account Deficit) is down a lot this year, and while this is great relief, it is probably only temporary, BL  has a nice brief editorial on some permanent solutions. 

Obesity is rising in China, and in fact, India isn’t doing that great either.

Goldman Sachs predicts the world cup winner.

An immensely useful guide on free things on the internet that everyone should take advantage of.

Finally, did you hear that Google is developing a self driving car from the scratch? 

Enjoy your weekend!

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