Weekend Links – June 13 2014

Let’s start this week with perhaps the most significant event of the week – a computer passes the Turing test.  The Turing test is a simple and elegant way of judging the extent of artificial intelligence, and a computer passes this test when in conversations with humans it deceives them into thinking that they are talking to another human being.

Perhaps equally significant, in a first for a company a meaningful size, Tesla Motors which is a producer of electric cars has put all its patents in the public domain and is encouraging others to use their technology.

The ET has a good profile on Vishal Sikka – Infosys’s new CEO. 

The Indian Express has a great profile on India’s superspy.

A hopeful news story in FE about secretaries being asked redundant acts and rules in their ministries.

WSJ on stock picking for the long – long haul. 

The NYT on what causes weight gain. 



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