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We announced our services on the blog about a month ago, and I wanted to write a quick post to thank you for all the support, inquiries and conversations since that time.

The most rewarding aspect of this has been the fact that the people who contacted us have been reading the blog for several years now, and already understand our philosophy and nature of our services.

Shiv and I are grateful to your support and have our hands full right now, so we have decided not to take on any further consultations till the time we finish off with our ongoing ones. The exception is if you have already started talking to us but not finalized the agreement yet, then that’s fine, we will still continue working with you.

We also got a few inquiries from people who weren’t sure if they need an advisor or not, and were sitting on the fence and sought our direction on that.

I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my views on the subject here.

I think this is like hiring a trainer in a gym or going to a gym class as opposed to just going to the gym. Not everyone needs to hire a trainer and not everyone needs a class, but everyone can benefit from going to the gym.

If you have good money habits, are comfortable with your finances in life, and are generally in control then I don’t think there is any need for you to hire someone to look at your finances, except when you are mistaken about these things, but I feel that there aren’t many people who are mistaken about such things because it would show up in their day to day lives as well.

I think the most benefit comes when you have a question that you haven’t been able to successfully answer, or are generally unaware if your investments are optimal or not, and if you have enough money saved to meet all your goals, or in some cases don’t even know where to begin with.

A little introspection easily answers those questions, and that’s all you need to know whether you need someone looking at your finances or not.

Please don’t construe this to mean that you can’t write to us and ask us about specifics to seek direction, but in most cases, we won’t be able to give you an answer. It is really you who needs to answer this question.

Once again, Shiv and I thank you for all your support, and I’ll post an update in a month or so when our current engagements end to let people know we are ready to start with new engagements.

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