Weekend Links 31st July 2014

If you’ve been watching the news, you’ve probably asked yourself at least once why are so many children dying in Gaza? Here is the answer.

You might also be wondering why Israel with all its strength isn’t able to overcome Hamas? An answer.

I have read and heard about wealth gap several times, but never in the context of Indonesia.  A good article about the inequity in Indonesia. 

I was fascinated to read that scientists are able to track polar bears using images taken from satellites. If you look at the images in this article, they are just tiny dots, but apparently, that’s enough, at least in summer.

Flipkart amazed everyone this week by raising a staggering Rs. 6,013 crores.

An interesting article on how China’s growing audience is changing Hollywood’s movies.

The NYT with some powerful pictures.

Enjoy your weekend!

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