Weekend Links: Jan 31 2014

by Manshu on February 1, 2014

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I really enjoyed reading Captain Gopinath’s post on Arvind Kejriwal’s dharna, and I thought it made a lot of sense and is also a great refresher that supporting a party doesn’t equate to supporting every single thing they do.

An interesting article that touches upon the structural changes the brain undergoes as it ages.

I was amazed to read that there is a 3D printer that can actually print in carbon fibre.

Sad, and shocking to learn that the richest 85 individuals control half the world’s wealth.

What you are worth to Facebook?

This is a very useful Outlook trick, and I’d recommend spending the two minutes it takes to set up this folder, it will help you tremendously.

Finally, this video of reigning World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen beating Bill Gates in 12 seconds will bring a smile to your face.

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