Weekend links – March 14 2015

Let’s start this week with a topic that has been much discussed recently, and I really liked this contrast of how the discourse of rape is in India versus elsewhere in the world. How the west deals with rape?

The current government seems to be active on many fronts, and taking actions where the previous one was sleeping. An interesting piece on how India targets Maoist Jungle Stronghold to Win Mining Riches

Curiosity is as important as intelligence when it comes to your development as a person.

3-D printing has always been of interest to me so to see this really weird 3-D printed brick that can cool your house really made my day. The article has some information on how a similar device was used to cool houses in the olden days and it was quite a good read.

I was recently checking on air ticket prices, and found out that it is cheaper to fly to Bangkok from Hyderabad than it is to go to Assam. Visa hassles are the one thing that deter me from traveling abroad so it was good to get a list of these countries that have visa on arrival for Indians.

Saudi Arabia has become the world’s biggest arms importer, and guesss who they have edged out?

Great, great article on not only how there could be life but more than that on how they were able to detect such a thing in the first place. Why the warm ocean on the moon of this Saturn could be perfect for life?

Enjoy your weekend!

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