Bronze age woman has a giraffe in her freezer

I’ve read a lot of interesting articles and opinions about Modi’s one year, and I am sure a lot of you have also done that so instead of posting links to more – I’ll post an article by my favorite economist on what needs to be done to get to 8.5% growth. 

Very interesting article on how US is publicly challenging China’s moves in disputed waters. 

Fascinating piece about the life and movement of a bronze age woman.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram – all of these are tools in your hands, and whether you waste time on them or make something out of it is entirely up to you. Read about 22 year old Ms. Bernstein who charges up to $15,000 for an Instagram post. 

I had no ideas how giraffes sleep, or indeed how little they slept.

I have sadly thrown away a lot of stuff from my freezer without realizing how long it can last there. This little infographic from Real Simple is very helpful.

Finally, a great article on the evolution of snakes. Enjoy your weekend!

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