PCC: What to do when police verification is not clear?

I had written about obtaining PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) about a month ago, and as a follow up to that post today I’m writing about a situation where you get a message that tells you the following:

Police verification not clear, application under review at regional passport office

My wife and I had applied for PCC and while I got mine the same day, my wife just got it last week. Unfortunately, there’s no official document that tells you what to do if you get the message about the application being under review at the regional passport office, and you have to face some uncertainty because of this.

Initially, I wanted to post this as a forum entry on India Mike which is the first search result that appears when you search for this topic, but I’m unable to sign up and post there, so I wrote this post here instead.

When we first got this message, I called up the cop who had done the verification, and asked him why the verification is not clear to which he said it is clear but the message is incorrect. He said that when you live in an address for less than 12 months, you get the message above, and you should be able to go and collect the PCC letter the very next day.

At the Passport Seva Kendra the next day, they said that the letter hasn’t come yet, and you can check after a week. The letter had still not come in a week later, but the person confirmed that the status online on his system shows that the application is approved. So, we went back a third time, and still nothing.

At this point, we realized that something is amiss and decided to go to the Regional Passport Office instead of the Passport Seva Kendra, and there we found that the application is indeed stuck.

They were waiting for clearance on the remainder of the last 12 months, while no one was actively working on doing any such thing.

My wife was able to give them address proofs of the remainder of the time there, and they gave the clearance based on that, but it was a needless wait for us because of the lack of knowledge we had about what to do next.

So, if you get a message that says verification is not clear, regardless of what anyone says, go to the Regional Passport Office immediately, find out the cause and rectify it.

46 thoughts on “PCC: What to do when police verification is not clear?”

  1. My police verification is not clear because my rent agreement date is started after the date of application of passport

    What can i do now

    Plzz suggest

  2. Hi
    With my latest experience on PCC, i would mention that the status of your PCC specified on the http://www.passportindia.gov.in is unfortunately not the updated one at all the times (though it is supposed to be!!!) Also, SMS service doesn’t provide the updated status (though you pay for it at the time of PCC application in hope of being updated all the time!!!!). So, please visit/write to Regional Passport Office for the status. They would provide you the updated status or guide you if your file is stuck in the process (whether stuck at local police status or district police headquarters etc). In fact, they are quick enough to reply to your mail (generally reply received on 2nd day). Mail them at rpo.mumbai@mea.gov.in with your query. Hope it help ! Learning from this is that there is an accute need to syncronize the status updated at the government sites/police sites.

    1. My police verification is not clear because my rent agreement date is started after the date of application of passport

      What can i do now

      Plzz suggest

  3. I have 2 address old and new I have applied for ppc for my new address Bt I want 2 close my file coz its taking more time can any 1 tell me where should I go Rpo or passport seva Kendra to close file

  4. Hi

    Very relevant information for me, as I am in the same situation. Did you manage to get clearence on the same day you went to regional passport office or did you wait to collect it from passport seva kendra?

    Please give me this info

    Thank you

  5. Pvr is not clear.after getting a letter I contact to rpo. 26/12/2017 but till date there is nothing update from rpo.

  6. My police verification process is completed/approved by local police station on 28th Oct 2017 and application status at CFC is also approved.
    I have also received a massage to download the certificate. I tried from last one month but the same is not yet down load. Please guide me how to take followup of the same and get the copy of Character Certificate at the earliest for submission in the school as per the requirement.

  7. my application status is “police verification not clear you file going under regional pass port office” this time what do?

    my pass port is posses or not?

    tell me sir

  8. Hellow, can you please tell me how to delete the application as I have not made the payment yet. But want to apply under *schools only* and not as individual. Please guide. thanks

  9. Hello Friends…

    Very Informative posts from you all…

    Actually mine is slightly different case and really worried about my current passport status.

    I have applied for tatkal passport, since i need to present in pune for 2 months in office work. So I want to clear this work with in a week and go back from my home location Blr. Fortunately they issued the passport but post police verification process started immediate next week when i am not in Blr. Now police officer want me to present with all required documents, which is impossible for me.. :(..
    Kindly any one help me, what is the next step .. I can only come back after three weeks for verification.. Will they be cancelling/revoking my issued passport.. I have all required documents and my family living same address everything perfect except that i m not available .. 🙁
    Please help me with your inputs.. Passport customer care people also didnt give much information on it.. .

    Thanks a ton…..

    1. I think you can re-initiate Police Verification in that case. Login to your account and check if you can re-initiate it.

  10. hii
    i just want to know that if a senior citizen apply for a passport and if they recieve the passport but after recieving if there is any small issues regarding the address in police verification,is there any problem.

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