India’s losses to minnows in World Cup Cricket

by Manshu on March 9, 2015

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As with a lot of people around me, I’m quite absorbed with the ongoing Cricket World Cup and after having little interest in cricket for the better part of the last decade, I’ve been following each game quite closely.

The result today with Bangladesh defeating England means that India will probably play in the second quarter final with Bangladesh on March 19 at the MCG which starts at 9 AM India time.

This made me wonder if India have been upset by smaller teams often in World Cup cricket, and what’s Bangladesh record of beating better teams.

Interestingly enough, India has been beaten once by Bangladesh already in the 2007 World Cup group matches. India scored 191 in that match and Bangladesh scored 192 with 9 balls to spare, and 5 wickets remaining.

Second such instance is India losing to Zimbabwe in the group stage of 1999 World Cup in England. This was actually the opener game for India where Zimbabwe scored 252 runs and won by 3 runs. 

Just a short post with a little bit of trivia that interested me. Hopefully India will sail to the semi finals this time around.

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