CPSE ETF FFO Allotment Status

This post is written by Shiv Kukreja, who is a Certified Financial Planner and runs a financial planning firm, Ojas Capital in Delhi/NCR. He can be reached at skukreja@investitude.co.in

Reliance Mutual Fund has made the allotment of units under its further fund offer (FFO) of CPSE Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) today and there is a good news for the retail investors. Firstly, full allotment has been made to each and every successful retail applicant applying up to Rs. 2 lakh worth of these units. Though Reliance Mutual Fund has not officially announced the retail subscription numbers for this FFO, it can be safely assumed that retail subscription was less than Rs. 4,200 crore as 100% allotment has been made to all the retail applicants.

Secondly, against an application of Rs. 2 lakh, Reliance MF has allotted 7,932 units of CPSE ETF and at today’s closing price of Rs. 27.55, your investment would be valued at Rs. 2,18,526.60 i.e. an immediate gain of 9.26%. This 9.26% return includes 5% discount offered by the government to the investors of this fund offer.

You might also get some small amount credited to your bank account as refund due to allotment of FFO units in whole numbers. Balance amount on account of fractional FFO units will be refunded to your bank account linked to your demat account.

Moreover, as these units have been allotted in less than 10 working days and well before February 1, the big day on which Budget 2017 would be presented in the parliament, it has given you an opportunity to sell your units well before this big event and completely avoid the expected budget day volatility due to which some investors were reluctant to invest in this FFO.

However, if the government decides to sell its stake in some of these companies, either partially or fully, or make the managements of these companies more accountable towards their shareholders, I think there is a great scope of capital appreciation with this ETF. So, I would advise long-term investors to hold on to their investments for at least a couple of years more and reap the benefits of a rebound in the fortunes of these companies.

NSE Listing Circular

BSE Listing Circular



If you had also applied for these CPSE ETF units in this FFO, but are yet to get any allotment intimation on your mobile or e-mail, you can contact the Registrar, Karvy Computershare on 1800 3454 001 or Reliance Mutual Fund on 1800 300 11111. If I get any link to check the allotment status by entering one’s PAN number or application number or DP ID – Client ID, I’ll paste that link here in this post itself.

If you have any more info about its allotment or any query regarding CPSE ETF or this FFO, please share it here so that more and more investors get benefit out of it.

63 thoughts on “CPSE ETF FFO Allotment Status”

  1. i have bought this through icicidirect.com for me its showing under equity and also under MF , in MF section value at cost is 59K while value at nav is 23K thus showing a big loss what does this mean?

  2. nice and thanks i have allotted 991 units at price of INR 25.2141 per unit in CPSE ETF FFO .GOOD NEWS THANKS

  3. i had applied in cpseetfffo vide my application no.2524695 in name of Padmawati Devi, alongwith ch. no.000008 drawn on HDFC bank , C-Scheme Branch jaipur for Rs. 200000 which was paid on 24.01.2017 but units are not credited in my d mat account no. IN301160-30354937 till now. my pan no. is AMEPD8587D



  5. i had applied in cpseetfffo vide my application no.2519190 alongwith ch. no.034506 drawn on central bank of india tps vaishali nagar jaipur for rs. 200000 whichwas paid on 24.01.2017 but units are not credited in my d mat account no.1203230000885704 till now. my pan no. isAAPPG1998J.ANOTHER APPLICATION NO.2519186 was also lodged in the name of ANUKUL GOYAL HUF VID E CH. NO.089431 DRAWN ON CENTRAL BANK OF INDIA TPS VAISHALI NAGAR JAIPUR FOR RS 200000 DEBITED TO THE ACCOUNT ON 24.01.2017 BUT D MAT ACCOUNT NO. 1203230000903872 IS NOT YET CREDITED. PAN NO. AAIHA9076Q.

  6. I also applied by indiabulls broker, but did not get any confirmation of CSTF ETF allocation / no allocation in my demat a/c. Any link where i can check by pan/dp?

        1. It seems you applied for it through your demat account and not directly from Reliance Mutual Fund website. If that is the case, you should contact your broker, Karvy or Reliance Mutual Fund to check your allotment status.

        1. Hi Deep,
          Reliance MF and Karvy are responding to investors, please contact them again. Moreover, your broker can also check your holdings and let you know whether you have been allotted these units or not.

  7. Dear Shivji,
    Thanks for sharing the allotment status of CPSE ETF. Investor can check on reliance mutual fund site by putting his transaction ID received on his mail while applying. I got 396 units @ 25.2141. Reliance Customer Care will update the units in our DP in a day or two.

  8. Thanks Shiv certainly good news. As usual I was aware of this only because of your blog(same as initial IPO).I did see some posts saying why not to subscribe to this but I go by your opinion it should work long term 🙂

  9. dear sir
    i applied 200000 rs. application cpscetf with no allotment reccived yet.
    please check my pan no.AEDPG8326A


  10. Hi Shiv
    I am not able to see units allocated in my dmat on ICICIDirect, its still shows as application is under process. Any Idea how to get status checked ?

      1. srinivas sir

        can u share any link which i put my application detail for get allotment status
        i apply total 20 application of 2 lakh (10 apply 18-1-17 & 10 apply 19-1.-17)
        i alloted only 10 allotmement which i apply 19-1-17

  11. I can see 7,932 units credited in my demat account. So the effective price seems to be 26.54 – 5% = 25.21.

    Status can also be checked through Transaction Reference No by logging in your Reliance Mutual Fund account.

    Thanks Shiv!

    1. Hi TCB,
      These units have already got listed on the stock exchanges today, please check these circulars – https://www.nseindia.com/content/circulars/CML34083.pdf

      ISIN of this ETF is INF457M01133 and symbol is CPSEETF. Currently it is trading at Rs. 26.91 on the NSE – https://www.nseindia.com/live_market/dynaContent/live_watch/get_quote/GetQuote.jsp?symbol=CPSEETF&illiquid=0&smeFlag=0&itpFlag=0

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