Reader’s Tips

Sometimes I read a comment, and feel that the comment is much better than the post itself, but I guess most regular readers consume posts through e-mail or feeds, and never get a chance to see these great comments.

On this page I take some comments that really add to the discussion, and feature them. I’m sure this page will evolve with time, but for starters I am simply leaving a link to the comment with its brief description.

If your name features here, and you’d like it to rather link it to your Twitter, Facebook, or Linked In profile, then please contact me, and I will link your name to your online profile.

My heartfelt gratitude to all the wonderful commenters here!

Tips from our smart readers

Ravi reported that he got an SMS for the L&T Bonds, and they have been credited to the Demat account as well.

Loney offers some thoughts on what to do when an IPO gets over-subscribed many times over.

Bhavana Jaiswal has brought up a good point about not getting any shares allocated even when her application was correct.

Loney has provided critical insight into what could be the cause of not getting any shares even when the application details are correct.

MS explained the ASBA process, and when money is actually deducted from your account.

Parth Patel explained how someone can sell the SBI bond.

Rohit shared instructions on how someone can change name or address on their PAN details.

Loney tells everyone about the IDFC tax saving certificate that people who applied online will get and require as a proof.

Ravi informed everyone that he has received his IDFC bond which he applied for in physical form.

Rahul shared links on Micromax mobile reviews to get an idea on what people’s experience with the phones are.

Amit Khandelia wrote that the LIC Infrastructure bonds may even come with a free term plan from them!

Arjeyar on possible issues with breaking a FD and alternatives.

Manu continues the discussion on breaking a FD, and the possible breaking charges.

Ajay has been extremely active and has answered several questions on the IDFC bond thread.

Vishal Ramaswamy tells us about a new way to check gold prices, and how various gold assets are priced.

DJSays! points out the wide variation in gold coin prices, and indicates that VAT and sales tax figures might be different from actual.

Ashok Khanna shares his experience with buying and selling physical gold from jewelers. I was hoping someone shares their real life experience about gold buying, and this is exactly what I was hoping for.

Anubhav pointed out that ONGC is missing from the India IPO calendar.

Supriya answered my question about practical experience with a Micromax phone.

Ajay answered a reader’s question about physical bond certificates when applying for bonds online.

Miytesh H Shah shared his investment strategy and what he learned from his early experience

Sandesh Goel shares his own investing experience with useful links and pointers.

Harkol answers my question about cost of living in a big city versus a smaller city.

Hemant Joshi compares returns from the IDFC bonds to PPF and raises an interesting comparison.

Amit points out an error in a calculation that helps continue the discussion on comparing IDFC and PPF.