Bing cashback

Bing Shopping has a feature that lets you earn cashback on certain items. Currently, this option is only open to people who have a valid mailing address in the US, and are over 18 years of age.

In order to use Bing Cashback, you need to open a cashback account using your Windows Live ID or your email address. I used my Gmail id to open an account. It took about five minutes to open the account and add some additional information to it.

Next you search for stuff on Bing, click on the result to buy from the store, login to your Bing cashback account, and do your shopping. Pretty much what you’d normally do, except there is an extra step of logging in to your account.

Not everything you buy through Bing will be eligible for cashback, and only search results that have the “Bing Cashback” icon next to it are eligible. The interesting thing here is that the same thing may have a cashback at one store, but not at another.

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