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A lot of you reply to the daily emails with suggestions for posts, and I really appreciate that because it gives me post ideas, and I can write about stuff that is most relevant to you.

Normally, I take the gist of your suggestion; create a title of the post, and note it down on a virtual sticky note. But, the issue with this is that it is easy enough to miss an email, and sometimes the titles on the sticky notes don’t make any sense to me when I look at them later on.

So, I am creating a page here that is specifically for your suggestions for posts. You can leave a comment here suggesting an idea for a post, and if I know enough about the topic I will write about it.

That way we won’t lose track of anything you say, and if multiple people suggest the same topic for a post then I know that it should be written prior to moving on to other things.

Thanks for reading – and writing!

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  1. Hello Sir,
    Thank you for this informative blog. It is very helpful to me if you post something
    about this topic.
    1. FUTURE CONTRACT. (Finance)

  2. Hello

    Thanks for your wonderful blog. Few things i would love to learn

    1. Our inflation had gone up from 5 to 10% approx, but the growth forecasts have not come down by that much ( less than 2%). Why?
    2. Ratings and Risks associated with Indian Banks
    3. Risk associated with mutual fund houses
    4. Real estate registration & taxes in various indian states.
    5. Percapita Vs Petrol price (International & National)
    6. Growth history statewise
    7. Growth history industrywise in sensex
    8. Fiscal Deficit Vs Growth

    Hope to see some info from the above if found logical. Thanks in advance.


    1. Inflation was already high when growth was estimated and the effect of the recession was also receding so that’s why it might feel like it hasn’t been revised as low as it should have been. In any case – I do think the GDP will be revised lower than what has been estimated.

      For the other topics, I think these are good research topics for a student to go there and collect data but since I already have such a long list of topics that have immediately actionable information – I don’t think I’ll be able to tackle what you suggest.

      I think the data may not be available in a few cases as well.

  3. Hi Manshu –

    I am 30 yrs of age and a relatively new entrant to direct equity investing. I have been regular with SIP MFs. Additionally I am also diversifying across different assets.

    With respect to direct equity investing, I have been trying to create a position by buying on dips and selecting large cap companies mostly. As part of my long term strategy, I am interested in buying high dividend paying stocks over the years so that I get a continuous stream of revenue going forward. However I am unable to pick or identify regular high dividend stocks of good quality. Can you pls guide me on the same?


      1. Thanks Manshu! I will go through this list. It helped a lot. But I think that I get the answer after reading through the post.


  4. I have few topics for Suggestion.
    TOPIC :
    1. Financial Liberalization- What has it really meant ?
    2. Interest rate regimes across the countries.
    3. Investment regimes across the countries.
    4. Why service exports are increasing more than merchandise exports? What are the reasons?

    1. I’m afraid if I write about these topics they will be mere opinions rather than facts because that;s the nature of the questions. I think if you asked ten people why they think we are doing well in services as opposed to exports you will get ten different answers.

      I don’t feel up to it to write on these topics.

  5. I like your articles very much – they are very informative. Keep up the good work!
    I have a query – please try to give a convincing answer if possible.
    I invest in mutual funds by SIP only and in stocks directly. My SIP in mutual funds are for long periods – ten to fifteen years. I have read a lot on rupee cost averaging and the power of compounding but I am not convinced whether I should let a SIP in a particular MF run for so many years or book profits in between. I review my portfolio every six months. What if the SIP
    ran for so many years and finally the MF performance plummets as it happened to
    SBI MSFU Contra and Reliance Growth funds? I had been investing in these MFs for the past five years but feel that I should have booked profits earlier.

  6. Thank you for your blog & articles, they’re really wonderful.
    Could you please throw some light on world economy, USA / Europe / Greece/Italy and where does Indian economy fit in.

    Thank you,

  7. I want to understand the dynamics of various types fixed income mutual fund. Should we invest in it as oppose to Bank FDs. Why if yes (or no)? I understand there various types, mainly based on maturity period. In what conditions should one choose each type? When is the best time to enter into these MFs (for example, best time to enter into an equity based MFs is when market is low .. and of course I understand that we shouldn’t time the market but use SIPs instead). I also want to compare MFs against similar ETFs .. for fixed income. In the end which ones are best and why.

    I know lot of questions. Thanks for your efforts.

    Gaurav Jain

    1. I have a post on comparison between FMP and Fixed deposit here

      I think as far as longer deposits are concerned – that article covers the topic. For the shorter deposits since savings banks now have 6% or so interest rate the lure of liquid funds is that much lesser.

      I won’t write anything on timing and I have written about MFs and ETFs several times but I guess I need to write a detailed post on comparing the features of the two generically.

      Thanks for your ideas.

      1. All of my questions are related to interest bearing (as oppose to equity investment) MFs / ETFs / FDs . I do understand difference between MF and ETF from equity perspective.. Only want to understand it when it is taking about fixed income / interest generating investments (e.g. Liquidbees).

        1. ETF is just a legal shell – so there is no diff b/w ETF & MF based on whether they are equity or debt – that is not really material. The material part is what they own, which when I think about it now is what you seem to be interested in.

        1. It was not my intention to be brutal 🙂

          However, it is a bit exasperating to encounter this “best” question repeatedly, and in most cases the original commenter doesn’t bother to respond to me so these days I’m not really all that inclined to write a long story that I have repeated several times already.

  8. Hi Manshu,

    Some facts.
    Petrol in debt ridden Pakistan is 39 Rs per Litre.
    Bangladesh its Rs per Litre.
    Sri Lanka its 44 Rs per Litre.
    In China and Vietnam its 38 Rs per Litre.
    Why in India it is 71 Rs per Litre.


    1. I don’t know how these countries are pricing their gas, but the simple thing is that if international crude prices go up then India has to pay more for oil also and that increases the price of petrol. Government can probably reduce the taxes on oil but they have to collect that revenue from somewhere else. Brent Crude has gone up, oil company’s deficits have gone up and that has to come up from somewhere.

  9. As a invester in Indian stock market it will be great if you can please give us a post on CAGR of leading companies say the NIFTY list.

    It will be a good pointer for investors specially small investors / beginners.

    Eagerly look forward to hear from you.

    Warm regards, ….. George

    1. How will that be useful information? That doesn’t make much sense to me – what will you gleam from looking at the CAGR of Nifty stock prices? You can just look at how a Nifty Index Fund did for the past few years and that will convey more or less the same information.

      I won’t be making this list because I don’t see the utility in it but if you had something in mind on how this will be useful then please share that and we can discuss that. The data is in fact quite easy to get. You can get it from NSE or even Google Finance. It’s the utility that is a bit questionable in my mind.

      What exactly is it that you are after?

  10. What would your thoughts be for an outside India investor to invest in India?
    Any particular good funds with a good track record.
    Looking from the outside it does seem like infrastructure, food and water projects look a good long term investment.

    1. Wow so many links – I’ve written the post based on my understanding, and these links may have a lot more info in them so you have to combine them and form an opinion. There is not much more than I know which I can share in another post I’m afraid.

  11. Can you please post article on sweep in accounts offered by baks. Where my saving account money will move to FD’s after reaching a level automatically.

    Thank you

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