PowerGrid FPO Allotment Declared

There have been some emails and comments about when PowerGrid FPO allotment will be declared, and how many shares a person can expect, so I thought I’d create a small post letting you know that the allotment has been declared and can be checked at Karvy’ s website.

After you find out how many shares got allotted to you please leave a comment and let us know what the ratio was, so that we can use that as future reference for other IPOs.

On a totally different subject – Yesterday I created a page called “Suggest a Topic”, and you can use that to suggest topics for future posts.

A lot of you reply to emails with suggestions for future topics, and that’s great, but sometimes these emails just get buried in my mail box, so I thought I’d create a separate page for this, and better track your suggestions.

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41 thoughts on “PowerGrid FPO Allotment Declared”

  1. sir i applied for moil at the market price of525,on the first day for 250 share but my fund had a shortage of 30000/-.even though the share were bought for me the same day but in my mail i got the status showing the fund shortage.Now it is since three days i hae applied so far i have not been allotted the share.what might be the problem .The amount corresponding to some 185 share were dedeucted. from my account

    1. Please talk to your bank, or broker and they should either tell you an expected time, or if there is an error somewhere they should tell you that.

  2. I applied for 65 shares (min. size) since it was my 1st IPO. I got 0 allocated. I applied through ASBA from Kotak. I’ve read all the comments above – does it happen that 0 shares are allocated to people who bid for 1 lot, if the IPO is over-subscribed?

    Im just trying to figure out whether there was an error, or this is natural.

    1. I checked on the Karvy site. My app. ID as per my DMAT is 48599999|0023759. if i enter the first 8 digits, i.e. 48599999 – I get somebody else’s details. If I enter the last 7, then it goes onto another form which insists I fill in my cheque / DD no. I applied online! can you pls. help me out? It’s my first application through ASBA…

        1. That’s not all that scary MS 🙂 The stock traded at about 91 or something recently so Bhavana’s loss is really the fact that she didn’t get the stock at 85.50, but could have always bought it at 5.50 bucks more.

          That’s not a pleasant situation to be in, but a lot worse happens in equities where it’s not uncommon to see people lose up to 90% in a stock sometimes!

      1. Hi Bhavana,
        Here are some thoughts on your questions.

        1. People with 65 shares have received 65 shares, so you should have gotten 65 shares.

        2. What happened in your case is probably something out of the ordinary, so you are well advised to talk to Kotak and ask them what’s up with the application number showing someone else’s credentials.

        I tried to look up more info on this, but couldn’t find anything more than this. I think you should check with Kotak on what happened, and see if they have a reasonable clarification.

        If possible, please leave a comment here if you find out what went wrong.

        1. Thanks Manshu. I’ll be taking Kotak’s case on Saturday. Will definitely let you know if I find something. On the other hand, I’m planning to bid for MOIL now. So if somethign similar happens again, I’ll know for sure there’s some defect in the Kotak ASBA facility.

  3. I have applied for 130 shares but I did not get any share .
    May I know the reason.
    Please reply

  4. I applied for 1105 shares and got “0” in one of my applications and have got the completed amount refunded. I checked the status on and that also shows 0 allotment. Weren’t the applicants with application of 1105 shares supposed to get 296/297 shares? What could be the reason? I checked with the broker and he has no clue.

      1. thanks for reply
        i checked with broker he says double bidding has done and from karvy says they should give refund by next week so i have dual problem in i lost powergrid and MOIL gain both so should i get refund quicker or else what could be done

  5. hi Manshu money is refunded in my account.. but i dont know why i was not allotted any shares .i applied online through sharekhan .. Do you have any idea about this?

    1. Normally it’s when something is wrong Amit, but if you applied online then that shouldn’t happen. You should check with Sharekhan to see what the cause was, and if possible please leave a comment here as well after you come to know so that others can benefit from that knowledge. Thanks.


  7. power grid fpo no of shares applied for520 Rs46800/=
    application no 3885687
    demate account no 1202290000051801
    name .Salochna Rani

    1. I think you got the ratio closest to the over – subscription in the retail segment, and the best ratio amongst the numbers shared here. Thanks!

    1. Thanks L. So you got a slightly better ratio than G, so looks like the people who applied for a lower quantity got a slightly better ratio when compared with people who applied for a larger quantity.

      Has anyone applied for a different lot size?

  8. Hi,
    I applied for 1105 shares at cut off price of which I am alloted 296 at discounted price of 85.5.If I am not wrong the retail subscription was over 3 times .

    1. Thanks a lot for that info G – I think the final over-subscription for retail was close to 4 at about 3.85 or something and the ratio in your case is about 1/4th of the applied shares.


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