Retirement Planning Calculator: Some more thoughts

Last week I wrote about the things to keep in mind while using a retirement planning calculator, and since then I have a few more thoughts on some of the variables that go in there.

A retirement planning calculator will normally give you two rate of returns to input. One is the rate of return you expect before retirement, and the second is the rate of return you expect after retirement.

There are two different rates because normally as people grow older, they move towards less risky investments. If you assume less risk, then your returns will also go down.

If you are already retired, then possibly all your investments will be fixed deposits or government bonds, as opposed to stocks or equity mutual funds which have more risk.

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Follow the money: Washington to Wall Street

The following is a guest post by Taipan Publishing. It is written by Adam Lass, who is the Senior Editor of Wave Strengths Options Weekly. All views expressed are his own, and this is not a buy recommendation from One Mint.

This American company has gained 777% the old-fashioned way: selling junk in backroom deals.

As regular readers know, I am a Ford man.

Back when I was a kid, you had to make three really important choices. First, you had to pick a political party. Didn’t matter how well you knew the candidates – you picked a party and that’s what you were.

We are talking Democrat or Republican here. Libertarians weren’t much discussed, and backing the Socialists could get your parents blackballed at work. And if you wanted peace around the dinner table, you just went with the same side your folks did.

Second, you had to choose “your” baseball, basketball and football teams. We didn’t have rotisserie leagues back then, so there was no “à la carte.” You picked your guys, and you defended their every move in the schoolyard and on the stoop – with fists if need be.

Prudent Choices

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Warren Buffet’s Op Ed in NYT

About a year ago, Warren Buffet wrote an Op-Ed in the NYT: Buy American. I am.

I was reminded of this today when a friend mentioned that in that article Mr. Buffet had said that the market will move up, perhaps significantly, long before sentiment or the economy turns up. And that’s happened now.

When this article was published, I spoke to several people and read several posts and comments about how Mr. Buffet was wrong this time, or even if he was right, how the common man couldn’t follow his advice. Some of those arguments made sense, some didn’t, and I thought it would make an interesting post to list out a few of those about a year after they were made. Continue reading “Warren Buffet’s Op Ed in NYT”

Oil India IPO Allotment and Thinksoft IPO Subscription

A quick post on one useful fact and one interesting one related to the Indian IPO market.

The useful fact is that Oil India IPO allotment has already been done, and you can find the allotment details here. The shares will list on 30th September.

The thing that I found interesting was that looking through the subscription numbers of ThinkSoft Global Services Limited on NSE’s website, I saw that they have extended the issue close date to October 1st instead of the earlier Sep 24th, and also that they have lowered the price band from Rs. 120 – Rs. 130 to Rs. 115 – Rs. 125.

This in itself is quite striking because it doesn’t happen very often, but the thing that is even more striking is that the Qualified Institutional Buyer portion of Thinksoft IPO shows that not even a single share has been bid for. Now that’s something that doesn’t happen too often, if it happens at all.

Economy and Your Finances Carnival 27th September

Image by KP Tyson

Welcome to the September 27, 2009 edition of this carnival. I hope you are having a good Sunday, and here are some great posts to make it better.

Debt presents Credit Recipes: Cooking up Credit Score Greatness posted at SpendOnLife.

Tom Tessin presents How to Get Out of Debt Fast and Easy posted at FSC Blog, saying, “Simple, yet effective ways to get out of debt in no time.”

Ray @ Financial Highway presents Basics of Credit Score and Credit Report and How often to Check posted at Financial Highway.

PT presents 5 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score posted at Prime Time Money.

Smarter Wallet presents Lending Club Review: Lending Money For Profit posted at The Smarter Wallet

Tom Drake presents Increasing Your Mortgage Payment | The Canadian Finance Blog posted at The Canadian Finance Blog, saying, “By increasing your bi-weekly payment, you would pay less interest and pay your mortgage off sooner.”

oneadvice presents Losing Sleep Over Unsecured Debt? posted at One Advice, saying, “Are you losing sleep over unsecured debt? See how you can tackle your debt and learn to love the ZzzZZzz’s again…”

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Rediff Money Portfolio

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the Moneycontrol portfolio tool. Abhishek, who is a regular reader, and has interacted with me in the past, left a comment recommending the Rediff portfolio tool. So, I checked it out, and was not disappointed with what I saw.

It is easy to use and you can get started very quickly on it. It loads up fast, is divided into frames, which you can drag and drop, and is good for all the basic stuff you need in a portfolio tool.

Since I’ve been using Moneycontrol for a number of years now, I myself won’t switch over to this, but if you are just starting out, you can give it a try. It is free and won’t take more than 20 minutes to set up. Here are the steps you need to take:

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Retirement planning calculator facts

After my post on retirement yesterday, I got a little more interested in the subject, and did a bit of research on how you could plan your retirement. This is the first time I have thought about the subject, and I think age is a large part of that.

To me, the first thing to do when thinking about retirement income planning is to figure out how much you will need, and where you stand today.

I think a very good way to do that is to use a retirement planning calculator. A retirement planning calculator allows you to enter in some numbers about your retirement goals, your current financial condition, expected retirement income as well as expenses, and then shows you when you could retire, based on how things stand today.

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Traits of early retirees

Image by Glenneroo

My Wealth Builder had a very interesting post about his observations on people in the Early Retirement Forum.

It is a forum for people who have either retired early or plan to do so. He picked up the following things while going through some threads there:

  1. Members show above average understanding of financial matters.
  2. They are regular people with regular jobs.
  3. Frugality is the main theme.
  4. Do it yourself investing is the norm.

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Crazy oversubscription numbers

At first I thought it was not reading it right, but I was: Sinopharm Group Company, which is China’s largest drug distributor company, recently came out with an IPO, and the issue got oversubscribed 570 times its Hong Kong part!

It attracted about 884 billion dollars (Hong Kong not Zimbabwe), and raised its maximum of HK 8.73 billion dollars. It just goes to show how hot this IPO market has become. In the past I have written about how this is shaping up like a bubble, and this promises to grow much bigger and bigger.

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