Continental Finance MasterCard credit card

Continental Finance MasterCard credit card is a credit card for people with bad credit. The Continental Finance Mastercard credit card comes in a Gold credit card and a Classic credit card. The difference in the two is the APR that Continental charges.

This card is meant for people who have gone through rough credit times or are looking to start building their credit history. We take a look at the fees and other aspects of this credit card.

Credit Limit

Both the Gold and the Classic credit card have an initial credit limit of $300. However, due to the initial fee that is charged on the credit cards, the available credit, for the Gold credit card is $75 and the available credit, for the classic credit card is just $50.

Initial Fee

Initial fee is fee that is charged by the banks when they issue the credit card. So, as soon as the credit card is issued to you, this fee appears on your monthly outstanding balance.

  • Account Processing fee: $200
  • Annual fee: $25 for Gold and $50 for Classic
  • Account Maintenance Fee: $144 ($12 will be charged on your account every month)

The above fee will reduce your available balance when you first receive the credit card (with the exception of account maintenance fee). This is fee that you must pay in order to get this credit card. There are some other optional fee that we discuss now.

Other Fee

In addition to the above, there are some other type of fees that you may have to pay as well.

  • Cash Advance fee: 3% or $5 when you take a cash advance.
  • Authorized user fee: If you add a user to your account apart from yourself $30 will be charged
  • Credit Limit Increase: You will be charged $25 every time your credit limit is increased
  • Replacement card fee: Every time you ask for a replacement card, $15 is charged to you.
  • Foreign currency fee: Every time you make a transaction in a foreign currency 2% of the transaction will be charged to your account.
  • Late payment fee: You will be charged $35 for a late payment.
  • Overlimit fee: If you overspend your card, you will be charged $35.
  • Returned payment fee: If you make a payment that is returned, then you will be charged $35.
  • Courier Delivery fee: If your card is couriered to you it will cost you $25.
  • Duplicate statement fee: If you ask for a duplicate statement, it will cost you $5
  • Internet Payment fee: If you opt to pay your card through the internet, it will cost you $4 per payment.

The above fee is all optional, so if you don’t avail the particular service, you will not be charged.


For the Continental Finance Mastercard Gold credit card the initial APR is 9.75%. Whereas for the Continental Finance Mastercard Classic credit card, the initial APR is 19.92%.

We say initial, because if you default on your payments, your account overshoots or in a few other conditions, the bank has the authority to increase your APR.


Now that you know the fees and APR of this card, you are in a much better position to compare it to your other options and see what’s best for you. We hope that this summary helped you in making your decision and takes you one step closer to your search for the right credit card for you.

We have made every effort to ensure that the information here is accurate and up to date, however since these things keep changing, we encourage you to check the source of the full terms and conditions. The fine print is not really all that hard to read!

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