Asia ETF List

Last week’s post on Sri Lanka brought in some comments and emails about ways to invest in Sri Lanka and other Asian countries.

While I couldn’t find any ETFs that invest in Sri Lanka; here are a few ETFs that invest in other Asian countries. This list doesn’t include Japan and China because I plan to do a post on them separately.

Asia ETFs

These are ETFs that invest in Asia as a category:

iShares S&P 50 Asia Index Fund (AIA): This fund invests in stocks belonging to the S&P Asia 50 Index.

iShares MSCI All Asia Country ex Japan Index Fund (AAXJ): As the name suggests, this Asia ETF invests in stocks of the index that is composed of stocks from across Asia, but exclude Japan.

Vietnam ETF

Vaneck Vietnam ETF (VNM): This is an ETF that gives you exposure to stocks that are publicly listed in Vietnam or generate at least 50% of their revenues from Vietnam.

Hong Kong ETF

iShares MSCI Hong Kong (EWH): This Asia ETF invests in publicly traded companies in Hong Kong.

Malaysia ETF

iShares MSCI Malaysia Index Fund (EWM): EWM Malaysia ETF invests in publicly traded companies in Malaysia.

South Korea ETF

iSharse MSCI South Korea Index Fund (EWY): EWY lets you take positions in South Korea by investing in publicly traded companies in South Korea.

Singapore ETF

iShares MSCI Singapore Index ETF (EWS): This ETF invests in publicly listed companies in Singapore.

Taiwan ETF

iShares MSCI Taiwan Index Fund (EWT): EWT invests in publicly listed companies in Taiwan.

Thailand ETF

iShares MSCI Thailand Investible Market Index (THD): THD seeks to measure the performance of the Thai equity index, and is a capitalization weighted index.

Indonesia ETF

Indonesia Index ETF (IDX): This is a Van Eck ETF that has been launched recently. It invests in companies that are domiciled and primarily listed in Indonesia, or generate at least 50% of their revenues from Indonesia.

Indonesia Close Ended Fund

Credit Suisse Indonesia Fund (IF): This is a close ended fund that invests in Indonesia, by taking positions in the public equity markets of Indonesia.

Russia ETF

Vaneck Russia ETF (RSX): RSX invests in stocks that are domiciled in Russia or get the majority of their revenue from Russia.

India ETFs are listed here.

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