SBI Mutual Fund

Here is a brief of various equity mutual funds from SBI.

Open Ended SBI  Mutual Fund

SBI Magnum COMMA Fund: This an open ended mutual fund which primarily invests in stocks of companies that invest in the commodity business like oil and gas, metals, materials and agriculture.

SBI Magnum Equity Fund: This is an open ended mutual fund that looks at getting investors capital appreciation by primarily investing in stocks of high growth companies.

SBI Magnum Global Fund: This fund primarily invests in stocks from selected industries with high growth potential.

SBI Magnum Index Fund: This is SBI’s passive index fund, which invests in the S&P CNX Nifty Index.

SBI Magnum Midcap Fund: This fund invests in midcaps and gives investors access to a diversified portfolio of midcap funds. A midcap stock is defined as one which has a capitalization of more than Rs. 200 crore, and less than 20% of the smallest stock in Nifty.

SBI Magnum Multicap Fund: This is SBI’s fund that invests in small, mid and large cap stocks. The asset allocation consists of 0 – 10% of small cap, 10% – 40% midcap, and 50% – 90% large cap.

SBI Magnum Multiplier Plus 1933: This is a mutual fund that invests in diversified stocks of high growth companies.

SBI Magnum NRI Investment Fund: This is an actively managed fund that can have a fluid mix of debt and equity. The fund defines that it can have up to 90% debt in its portfolio and an equity component of 10% – 80%.

SBI Magnum Sector Umbrella Fund: These funds invest in growth oriented sectors of the economy. There are five sub funds focused on the following sectors:

1. Information Technology,

2. Pharmaceuticals,

3. Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG),

4. Contrarian (these are stocks that are not doing well right now) and

5. Emerging Businesses.

SBI Arbitrage Opportunities Fund: This is an interesting mutual fund that invests in arbitrage opportunities between the spot and derivative market. The fund is considered high risk and has a minimum investment of Rs.25,000 whereas for most other funds, the minimum investment is just Rs.5,000.

SBI Blue Chip Fund: Blue chip for the purpose of this fund is defined as a company whose market capitalization is equal or more than the smallest stock in the BSE 100 Index.

Tax Advantage SBI Mutual Fund:

SBI Tax Advantage Fund – Series I: This is a 10 year close ended equity linked savings scheme, which primarily invests in stocks, and looks to generate returns in the market by staying invested for a large number of years.

SBI Magnum Taxgain Scheme 1993: This mutual fund has a lock in period of 3 years because it gets you a tax rebate. It invests in equity and helps you get a tax rebate also.

Close Ended SBI Mutual Fund

SBI Infrastructure Fund Series I: This is a close ended SBI mutual fund that invests in companies that benefit from the infrastructure growth in the Indian economy.

SBI One India Fund: This is a close ended mutual fund that targets to invest in all four regions in India.

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  1. I have purchase SBI Magnum Tax gain Scheme 1993 for
    Rs. 10,000 from Surat in 1993. I have lost all certificate. Pl help to find out to recover my money.

  2. I purchased two funds of SBI Mutual fund. one is Tax Advantage Fund Series I- Growth bearing Folio no. – 10895086 in my name of Rs. 10000/- . I have lost the folio no. of another fund, in which i invested Rs. 5000/-. Kindly search this fund and advise me via email mentioned in it. The fund purchased at same address mentioned in the first fund. Both the funds were purchased from SBI MaunathBhanjan branch (01671).

    Bishwash Kumar
    Mob. No. – 09754397052

  3. There are so many schemes in SBI MF, among them Open Ended scheme likke SBI Magnam Equity Fund is one of the best return producer and it is good for yong people like me.

  4. Requested sir,
    I got your continue statement on economic and investing market,But i want to get information about update N.A.V of sbi mutual fund and escorts mutual funds.

  5. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I have Invested in SBI Multicap & SBI Bluechip fund in the year 2005 from Rathi Securities in Physical form, Now i have opened a Demat Account with ICICIdirect and would like to reflect these two funds on my Demat Account (ie in Electronic form).
    So kindly help me with the procedure.

    With Regard’s

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