Interesting Reads 12th September 2009

It is unusual for a weekly round up  to link to another round up, but you just have to read this post from Bad Money Advice to see why I did it.

Other posts from around the web.


Benjamin Graham’s The Intelligent Investor @ The Dividend Guy

HSBC Direct Review: Top Savings Account @ The Smarter Wallet

Escape bank overdraft fees without overdraft protection @ Banker Saver

Ally Bank (GMAC Bank) Review @ The Digerati Life

Can openers for beginners @ The Baseline Scenario

The dark side of debit cards @ Five Cent Nickel

September is the worst month for stocks! – Who cares? @ Vilkri

Oil India IPO – Should I Subscribe? @ Tip Guy


Carnival of Financial Planning

Carnival of Money Hackers

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