Interesting Reads November 7th 2009

The most interesting thing I read this week was: Do Smart,  hard working people deserve to make more money? by James Kwak at the Baseline Scenario. The title tells you what the post is about, and I recommend that you head there and read it. I felt a strong emotion while I was reading it, and the last I saw, the post had 270 comments, so I wasn’t alone.

Now, on to other great stuff this week.


How to increase your productivity with the Pomodoro Technique @ Pen Stalker

Ally Bank (GMAC Bank) Review @ The Digerati Life

Balance Transfer Credit Cards @ The Smarter Wallet

How much can you save by doing a balance transfer? by Cash Money Life

Treasury and the blogs @ Baseline Scenario

How to tell if a credit card number is fake? @ Dough Roller

Hindu’s website design at foreign source @ The Tip Guy


Carnivals of Money Hackers # 89

Carnival of Twenty Something Finances Lost Edition

Festival of Stocks

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