NSE to introduce GOLDBEES Options

NSE announced today that it will introduce options on the popular gold ETF – GOLDBEES from April 30th, which is just a few days away.

GOLDBEES is the same ETF I wrote about a few days ago, in my post about the best gold ETF in India. I am not surprised that this is the fund that NSE has chosen to take out options on, because it is quite popular and has very good volumes already.  It won’t be surprising if a good market develops on the options fairly quickly because of the interest in gold related investment these days, and as far as I know there are no options on gold in India.

Whether or not, this is a good idea for investors is entirely another thing. In my view the closer you are to your investments – the better it is, and buying gold coins is much better than buying paper that represents gold. However, this opens up a way to take a bearish view in gold, which is something you can’t do with gold coins.

3 thoughts on “NSE to introduce GOLDBEES Options”

  1. Great News.. GOLDBEES Options

    I think after april 30th invester will like to invest on this…. very useful option for new investers

    thanks for great news…

    keep post

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