Drag and drop attachments to Gmail

I came across a useful new feature in Gmail today. It is the simple, yet extremely useful ability of dragging and dropping attachments directly in your messages, instead of having to browse through your PC to get to them.

First I tried dragging and dropping a couple of pictures from the hard drive, and that didn’t go down too well. The first picture appeared in the message, but was too large to be sent, and the second one was taking so long I canceled the operation. I think the image size was too large, and if you are doing this with pictures, then stick to either one at a time or smaller file sizes.

Then I tried a 3 MB Powerpoint, and that got attached in about the same time I’d expect it to take, so the feature works, but is not as smooth as MS Outlook users would come to expect it.

2 thoughts on “Drag and drop attachments to Gmail”

    1. Better try a smaller sized file first. If you see anything interesting, do let know me. I am a little curious about how this feature works.

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