Weekend Links September 2010

For me, the top two posts for this week are Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, and Sandip Sabharwal asking investors to be cautious. The markets have been booming lately, and you hear a lot of positive chatter on how this target will be breached, and that target will breached, so it is good to hear some cautious voices also.

With that said, here are some interesting links for this week: 

Risks to the market @ Sandip Sabharwal: Thoughts on the recent rally.

Jhunjhunwala turns cautious as stocks surge @ Bloomberg: Rakesh Jhunjhunwala sharing his thoughts on the market.

Marital Insurance: Protection from your better half @ Weakonomist: So there is this company that pays you if you get divorced! Not kidding, this is a serious post.

Eat your stocks @ Psy Fi Blog: A great read which tells you about an experiment to teach monkeys to trade, which showed how closely our thought processes really are.

China leads the clean economy race @ HBR: This post from HBR talks to how far China is ahead of other nations in terms of clean energy.

Getting a No @ AVC: A very good post from Fred Wilson about how to react when you get a no. This was a really good post, and I think a skill a lot of us need to learn. Personally, ever since I started blogging I’ve had to hear no a lot of times, and lately had to say no a lot of times as well. I am glad to see that I do the right thing according to Fred.

Should you pay off loans or invest your money @ Digerati Life: I’ve seen a lot of versions of this debate, the right answer really depends on your personality, but a good reminder of the factors.

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